About my photography services

Delivering your photos

When I deliver you photos, you receive a link to an online folder for you to view and download all of your images. This includes two folders: one containing all images at the full resolution captured by my camera (24 megapixel). These are appropriate for printing at your retail photo and print service of choice, up to a size of 20 x 30 inches. The second folder is a copy, but resized for ease of online viewing and sharing. This makes it quick for you to view and share without noticeably compromising detail when viewed on phones, tablets and webpages.

You’re able to me me know if there’s anything you want me to fix up; I’m happy to make one or two edits or provide a black and white version, etc. This is just part of my service.

Style decisions

My default style is candid and documentary. I favour a higher contrast, but most of all, I look to communicate the ‘intent’, the feel, of a scene. This doesn’t stray too far from what my camera captures.

I’m open to continually learning and experimenting. Please chat with me about your requirements and expectations. I’ve invited clients into my post workflow to achieve certain looks for specific images. We’ve pre-planned specific shots ahead of time, one involved a hose and umbrellas, and another involved scouting for a road bend and timing a shot of a passing vehicle. I’ve photoshopped backgrounds of images to make it look like outer space for an in-joke, or simply removed a bruise the flower girl’s forehead which she got the day before the wedding. Kids will be kids!

I’m flexible, so if there’s something specific you have in mind let me know!

Spot the difference!

Make the Monaro look like the groom is speeding away from the scene!

Add a little lens flare to the headlight and some smoke/mist for atmosphere